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About Us

Barn Owlz

AEco-Friendly, Wood Reclaiming Group.

We are a young eco-friendly company working out of New England, Upstate New York area. We provide professional barn removal for our customers while reclaiming the wood to create doors, furniture, mantels and much more. We also work with other local companies in search for reclaimed wood and provide them with a supply of these materials. Our company takes great pride in removing an old barn built a century or two ago. We make sure the land owners get their yard back clean, free of any mess and let their barn lives through our work.

We Love Barns!

We love the history and everything about them.

Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and most of New England have lots of old barns. In the mid 1800’s the farming business was booming and most families either owned or worked for a farm. This company was founded by chance. A Recent snow storm took down the roof of our great, great grandfathers barn and it sure was a mess but we wanted too reuse the wood for sentimental reasons since it was built in 1850. We have always been carpenters, in fact we are the 5th generation of family carpenters. Working with wood comes natural and to create timeless pieces with timeless lumber just makes sense.

Meet Our Team

Barn Owlz is privately family owned business

Jarred Clothier

Jarred Clothier

Head Supervision

Jarred is a highly motivated individual. He always finds a way to stay in contact with customers and uphold our integrity as a company.

Anthony Cornell

Anthony Cornell

Head Designer

Anthony is an outstanding carpenter who highly enjoys searching for old barns. He works endlessly day and night to provide the company with a great reputation through our furniture pieces.

Jane Baker

Jane Baker


Jane is seasoned sales assistant. Her expertise help BarnOwlz get to where we are today. She is extremely efficient handling our customers.

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