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Welcome To Our Barn Removal Submission Form

Please note if you also send photos we can determine if your barn will qualify

100% FREE

Save your pennies

If your barn qualifies we can disassemble your structure for free at no cost to you. Always Professional, Always Clean, Eco-Friendly.

NO Mess

Get your yard back

We will make sure everything is cleaned up nice, no nails, no debris, salvaging all materials we can to re-use in the future.

Timely Mannor

Always Professional

We take this seriously and know our clients do not want us disturbing their sanctuary for very long. In usually about a week we can be in and out as if there never was a barn there, while preserving a piece of history.


We treat our customers right!

Barn Owlz is family owned and ran company. We take great pride in treating these barns and land as if they were our own. If for any reason you must need to talk with us do not hesitate to give us a call , we are extremely personable.